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SharePoint Document & Item Reordering is a new and powerful tool to customize lists and libraries according to the users' preferences. Imagine users need to access an item every day, or to prioritize lists according to specific requirements that cannot be met by SharePoint default sorting patters. SharePoint Document & Item Reordering allows for rearranging the order of items or folders in the lists, so most important ones can be sent to top, items that are no longer important can be send to bottom, or to any position in list or library. SharePoint out-of-the-box functionality does not support fully customizable rank rearrangement for list items. SharePoint users are allowed to reorder items or folders manually for link lists only, which has made the default tool even further less applicable for most users. SharePoint Document & Item Reordering (Formerly kown as SharePoint List Item Ranking) has considerably extended the native capacity of SharePoint by offering the following invaluable features: In any type of lists, by simply clicking the corresponding buttons, SharePoint users can move an item up and down, as well as move it to the top and to the bottom effortlessly. Moreover, when having to deal with numerous list items, users are offered the option to move an item to a specific position directly, which will speed up the process by helping users get rid of unnecessary steps. Therefore, with the application of SharePoint Document & Item Reordering, deliberate planning before item creation is no longer a necessity for users, since they can rearrange those items into any orders they want afterwards with a great ease. Users are able to enable or disable the reordering feature for each view individually. Once the order of items in one view has been changed, the ranks in other views will not be influenced. Therefore, the list items can be differently arranged in each view based on users various requirements and preferences.

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